Flexible plastic packaging for various industrial sectors

Flexible plastic packaging for various industrial sectors

Polypropylene stands out as the ideal solution for creating flexible packaging across diverse industrial sectors, thanks to its unique technical characteristics.

IFIS Spa, dedicated to employing cutting-edge technologies in film production for packaging, has consistently added value at every stage of the production process from day one.

Exclusively utilizing high-quality raw materials from leading European manufacturers enhances the reliability and versatility of their products in the modern industrial landscape.

Polypropylene films for flexible packaging

The specific characteristics of the materials used enable the production of cast polypropylene (CPP) films for various applications, including flexible plastic packaging for the food and fashion industries, as well as the manufacturing of labels and display products.

  • Puncture and tear resistance: CPP‘s robustness translates into high performance with excellent resistance against punctures and tears, making it suitable for all durable flexible packaging.
  • High thermal resistance: designed to maintain structural stability in adverse thermal conditions, cast polypropylene films find applications in the food, pet food, and medical packaging industries.
  • High metric yield and low specific weight: with a specific weight of 0.91 g/cm3, cpp offers a high metric yield, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Moisture barrier: moisture resistance makes these films reliable for protecting against atmospheric agents, particularly in the case of food products. Moreover, these laminates can undergo additional heat treatments, such as pasteurization or sterilization.
  • Exceptional gloss and transparency: cast polypropylene films , with their gloss effect and transparency possibilities, are the ideal choice for meeting the demands of specific industries. This is especially crucial in sectors like food or textile packaging,where aesthetic considerations are paramount alongside the performance of the cast film.


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