Who are

Our history from the last century…

ifis was founded in 1973 on the initiative of the Capasso family, following the evolution of the product and technology deriving from the discovery of polypropylene, as a replacement for natural fibers such as hemp and sisal. The Capassos are a family of ancient rope makers who started their business at the beginning of the last century. The foundation by the great-grandfather Giovanni Capasso, the growth, the successes.

An exciting entrepreneurial journey with some cornerstones: quality, continuous innovation, customer service, the relationship of trust with employees. The city of Frattamaggiore, place of origin of the Capasso family, was the area of ​​greatest hemp production and thanks to the Bourbons, who with their government, favored local industrial development by exporting their ropes all over the world

In 1973 ifis began the production of polypropylene yarns for agriculture and naval ropes. In 1996 he moved to the plant of Marcianise which occupies about 25,000 square meters. In 2000, the production of films for flexible packaging began in polypropylene. Currently, Ifis is led by the 4th generation of the Capassos and many goals have been achieved in recent years.


Producing excellent products from true market leaders The culture of Ifis for over a century has been satisfying quality, continuous innovation, customer service, the relationship of trust with employees. The combination of entrepreneurial spirit and the guidance of an experienced team are the elements that consolidate our market. Ifis’ goal is to become a leading supplier of agricultural and flexible packaging


Our mission is to supply the sector with excellent products, such as agricultural yarns, naval ropes and polypropylene films, which are reliable and performing. We help our customers create the most competitive, innovative and sustainable packaging solutions to preserve their products.

Statement of ecological sustainability

Ifis is committed to being a sustainable supplier oriented towards improving the environmental impact of the yarns and films produced, adopting a long-term integrated approach to environmental protection